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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Week 1 MTC

Hi friends!
So, first of all. Deciding who was going to take me to the Provo MTC was an interesting event. We didn't know who to ask. It was a few days before I was leaving for the MTC and my mom got the impression that we should ask my adopted grandparents, Barbi and Jerry, who live in Utah. I haven't seen or talked with them for many years. The next day Barbi messaged me on Facebook (which she never goes on) and offered to take me! Before my mom and I had even asked. So inspired! Anyways, Wednesday Barbi and Jerry picked me up from the airport in Salt Lake. For those of you that don't know who Barbi and Jerry are (I'm assuming you'll post this on the blog;) haha) Barbi is the sister missionary that got my Papa Fred to have the desire to become more active in church. SO COOL. And now I'm a sister missionary! Life is awesome. I am so grateful we had them take me to the MTC, Mom. That was divine inspiration. I was so nervous about beginning my journey as a missionary and had so many questions and uncertainties and speaking with two people that knew my wonderful but deceased grandparents on my mom's side was such an awesome experience for me. They shared moments and memories they had with my nana Karen and my papa Fred. I couldn't help but have my heart swell with happiness. I felt my nana and papa with me all throughout my moments with Barbi and Jerry. So grateful for the Lord. He really does send people in our lives to calm our worries. These people can be seen on our day to day moments of weakness. He sure was watching out for me. Jerry and Barbi also took me to see the buildings in Salt Lake. We went through and saw beautiful pictures of Christ and paintigs of the Book of Mormon. We saw pictures of the prophets as well. It was so wonderful!!! I love this gospel so much! I love Jesus Christ. Looking at paintings of Him, showing his mercy and love and compassion just makes my heart overflow with love and gratitude. I know my Redeemer lives. Then, Jerry took us to this building where his sister works with down-syndrome adults. There was such a spirit there with them. I couldn't help but smile when I met them all. They are so beautiful! They are God's children; so pure, so good. I'm so happy I had that time to visit with such meek and loving people. Then Barbi and Jerry took me to eat at this yummy little resuaunt and drove me to the MTC. On the curb I hugged them goodbye and of course cried a little... but it wasn't because I was sad. It was because I could feel my Heavenly Father around me so clearly. Walking up with my suicases, looking at the buildings, and meeting this super cute greeter named Sister Bagley just made me feel peace. I looked around and felt impressed in my soul: This is where you are supposed to be. 

After that I got my missionary badge and MTC card which allows me access everywhere! That was super easy and fun. I then headed to the classroom and met my district. I LOVE my district. We have Sister Warre, Sister Smith, Sister King, and Sister Jorgenson.. and my beautiful, wonerful companion is Sister is from Oaklahoma! I love these sisters so much. They are such beautiful, kind, loving, affectionate, spiritual, strong women and I am so blessed to be able to know them. We all got along instantly. Everything here is so fast paced. You're always doing something on your schedule and it's incredible. I love it. I'm busy and always learning and working but it's so great! Yeah, I am pretty physically tired but I am so spiritually and emotionally uplifted and drained... in a good way! I can't get enough of the Spirit or of this love I feel. It's so wonderful. I know I'm supposed to be here at this time to learn and teach and serve. Speaking of serving - it's a wonderful thing! Feeling sad? Serve. Feeling mad? Serve. Feeling confused? Serve. Branch outward. There are so many instances in the scriptures where Christ reached outward when we would have leaned inward. When He's going through difficult trials He looks to serve others! How wonderful is that? He is the most incredibe example. He turns inward in love, compassion, and service when we would turn inward with selfishness, self-absorbness, and self-centerdness. You want to have the character of Christ? TURN OUTWARD. It's so great! I've been trying so hard to serve everyone I meet and it makes me so happy! Service is fun you guys! It's funny... whenever we go in the cafeteria I always get Sister Worrall her utensils and everything for eating and then she'll get me a glass of water and the list goes on and on. We're constantly serving each other and we just grow to love one another more and more. Serving others = love for them growing. Don't like someone? Serve them... you'll start to:) 

To be honest, the first night was a little hard. I missed you all and I was in a new place and I just felt.... sad and afraid. But that's when I crawled out of that small bed, knelt on that carpeted floor, bowed my head to pray in humility with my arms folded, and just let Heavenly Father know everything I was feeling. I expressed my doubts and fears and insecurities and anxiety.. and guess what? He was there for me. He answered my prayers with a feeling of love and comfort and peace. It's a moment I'll never forget. In that humble moment when I just let God know all of the feelings in my heart, He succored me and aided me in my time of need... and He can do that because of Christ. Because Christ died for us. The atonement blesses us with strength beyond our own. We think we can't do this and we're right. We can't do it - not without Christ. We need Him. When we are weak then we are made strong. Through His strength we can do all things. Isn't that beautiful? I am so humbled. I can't do this by myself. I need Christ like I need air. Without Him, I can't survive. He gives me life, He gives me purpose, He gives me hope. And that's why I'm on a mission. 

We had a testimony meeting in Sacrament yesterday in church and one of the Elders stood up and bore His testimony and said referred to an apostles comments, saying something like, "If only you could see the vision I see. If I had your young, energized bodies I would run house to house telling everyone of Christ. And when my legs would tire and couldn't run anymore, I would walk. And when I couldn't walk any longer, I would crawl. And when my body would fall apart and I couldn't crawl, I would drag myself with my arms. And when my arms couldn't move anymore I would yell. I would do whatever I could to let everyone know the real gospel of Jesus Christ is back on the Earth. If only you could see the vision I see." Missionary work is so important! Don't leave people in the dark about Christ. He died for us, He loves us, and He was resurrected. He lives! What comfort this sweet sentence gives. 

Also, me and my companion were called to be Zone Sister Training Leaders on Thursday. Sister Worrall and I are stoked! (and feeling a little inadequate to have that leadership position...) But it gives us more opportunities to work hard and serve those around us. Responsibility gives us opportunities to grow and develop and learn. That's great! We love hard work. I'm always either in class learning, at the cafeteria eating, or walking to class it feels like hahaa:) The gym is awesome here, too. Sister Worrall and I both like to run and do weights so that's really cool we can do that together. I don't know what else to share... it's just wonderful here. I'm really enjoying it. I can't believe I'll only be here for another week and next Wedneday we'll be traveling back to Pocatello. YAY. I can not wait! My whole district is girls and we'll all be serving in Pocatello, Idaho. I love all of my teachers. I have learned so much already and I've only been here for 6 days. What? The days are really great but my favorite part of the day is from 10:15-10:30 at night. That's our time with the Lord. That's our time to pray and write in our journals and just reflect. I love it. All day long I'm working really hard and doing my best to let the Spirit teach me and at night I can just kneel on the floor and speak to my Father in Heaven. It's so incredible! Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were all pretty much the same. I had a lot of classes, lunch time, gym, and meetings. Yesterday (Sunday) was the best day of the week. We went on a Sunday walk to the temple and it was wonderful! I've never been to the Provo temple and it's beautiful. I'll send pictures sometime today!:) Sacrament was great, too. Hearing all these missionaries bear their tetimonies of Christ and the Book of Mormon just strengthens my testimony so much. If you have a testimony of God or the scriptures, or whatever it may be - share it. Don't keep your mouth shut because you're nervous. Open your mouth and God will bless you with the words you should speak to bless others lives. I'm learning that - to trust in God and speak up when I feel prompted. 

Today's my PDay and I'm loving it so far! We went to the temple this morning and went inside and ah I just love the temple. It's such a beautiful place. There is such a loving, kind, peaceful spirit in there that isn't anywhere else. I could be in the temple forever and just be happy always. It's so pure and white and clean and heavenly. Mom, while I was inside I felt nana Karen. I feel her everytime I go to the temple ever since I went through. I wear her ring everyday to remind me to be as Christlike as I can. It's a constant example of what an example of kindness and charity she was. I want to be like that. 

Ah family, I miss you. I love you so much. I just want to hug you, but know I pray for you every night and throughout the day. You are so loved.. by me, by God, by Christ, by each other. Read Enos in the Book of Mormon. It is SO powerful. Verse 27 is so perfect. "And I soon go to the place of my rest which is with my redeemer for I know that in him I shall rest. And I rejoice in the day when my mortal shall put on immortality and shall stand before him then shall I see his face with pleasure and he will say unto me, Come unto me ye blessed there is a place prepared for you in the manions of my father." Ah! Christ loves us so much. There is a heaven after this life and Christ has a place prepared for us. All he asks is that we love one another, turn to Him, keep the commandments, serve one another, be as Christ would be, and just be a good person! All these things bring us happiness and love and so why wouldn't we want to follow him anyways? 

Okay sorry if my thoughts were all scrambled and didn't make sense haha lack of sleep can do that to a person. 
Read your scriptures - they are the word of God and will bless you. 
Pray - God loves you and wants to hear from you. 
Serve - we are all God's children. We are all going through struggles and trials and pain hidden behind closed doors. You never know what someone is going through... so just love people! 

I love you all soooooo much! I send all of my love and pray that you know how divine and beautiful you are. 
Talk to you soon. 

Sister Mork 

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