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Monday, February 24, 2014

Pocatello! Week 2

Hello my wonderful family. Well it's been a whirlwind of a week. Last Monday night we went over to this adorable kid's house - He's 9 and he's getting baptized on Tuesday! So exciting. He asked me to speak at his baptism on the Holy Ghost so I'm thrilled for that. The Holy Ghost is one of my favorite things to talk about - how incredible is it that God loves us so much He allows a member of the Godhead to always be with us to guide, comfort, and inspire us? Later Monday night Sister Jacobson and I felt impressed to stop by another investigator's house. She wasn't there but a few of her friends were. It was neat because we all discussed the Gospel and my companion and I bore testimony that we know this church is the only living and true gospel on the face of the Earth. I expressed God's love for them and testified of Christ's atoning sacrifice that He made for them. No greater love hath any man than that he would lay down his life for his friends. Tuesday we had a district meeting. It was so inspiring. We read in Matthew 14:14-36. Christ said, "Be of good cheer. It is I; Be not afraid." It tells of the story of when Peter began to walk on the water to Christ, but once he took his focus off of the Savior he feared he would fall and he began to sink. He cried out to Christ and immediately Christ outstretched His arm and saved Him. Christ is always extending His arms to us. He wants to help us. He wants us to walk on the windy waves of trial and affliction and keep our eyes focused on Him because if Christ is our focus, we will not sink in the depths of our despair. Later that day Sister Jacobson and I went out contacting people. So many doors were shut in our faces. We even walked up to a house where we heard the people inside say, "Don't go to the door. It's the missionaries. Pretend you're not here." And Sister Jacobson hollered, "We can hear you ya know!" Hahah people these days. All we want to do is share a beautiful message of Christ. But all you can do is all you can do. You can't force people to see that the Gospel is exactly what they need... all you can do is invite and love and rely on the Spirit to speak to their hearts that what you're saying is true. Tell them what you know. Speak with your heart. Testify and the truth will enter. Wednesday was freezing! We walked around and contacted as many people as we could. It was a physically rough day, but so rewarding. I feel like sometimes we have to climb the tallest mountains to see the most beautiful sunsets. That night we went over to this wonderful family's home. We taught a less active mother and her 14 year old daughter. I really connect with her daughter. We just get along really well. It was my first time leading out the lesson and I was nervous, but the Holy Ghost calmed my worries and allowed me to speak with my heart. We taught them about The Restoration and that the Priesthood, the authority to act in God's name, is back on the Earth. At the end I teared up as I bore my testimony that this Gospel can bring such light and truth and love to their lives. There was such a beautiful and peaceful spirit that filled the room. I extended a baptismal invitation and she said yes! Later that night my companion and I had stake correlation and talked about our areas and how they're doing with the other elders in our area. The stake high counsel man over missionary work pulled me aside and said, "Last week after you sisters left my house from giving a lesson to my friend and she said she would be baptized, there was such a peace in my home. But it wasn't just that peace. It was a holy feeling, a sacred feeling, that something really extraordinary had just taken place. Thank you. I can't believe you had only been out four days. When I found out I was so surprised. The spirit really worked in you and I witnessed that. I'll never forget that night. I knew I needed the combination of you, Sister Mork and you, Sister Jacobson." That just warmed my heart! If we allow our hearts to be full for the love of those we serve, miracles do happen. Thursday was so long and exhausting. I'm amazed I make it through the days with how tired I am, but God truly does strengthen us to allow us to do more. We were super tired, but cheerful. Attitude is everything! We met so many people that just needed a comforting message and a heart warming scripture to be shared with them. God will place people in our paths that need us. We are His hands. We must lead and guide His children with unfailing love and understanding. New goals: Be bold. Love unconditionally. Turn outward. Forget myself. Remember Him always. My hands were so cold from walking around all day in the chilling wind and opening my Book of Mormon to inspired scriptures I wanted to share with everyone I met on the street, but my heart was warm and full. Life's a climb, but the view is great. Friday we had so many appointments fall through and so many people cancel and at first we were a bit discouraged. But then we said a prayer and asked that Heavenly Father would guide us to those people we were meant to help and serve today. It's amazing how Heavenly Father's plan for us can be so different than the one we have for ourselves. He knows all of His children and if we are obedient and patient and faithful He will lead us to them and them to us. Sister Jacobson and I cover some of the sketchiest neighborhoods in Pocatello. We actually carry pepper spray. That night we were walking along the sketchiest street with our pepper spray out and prayed for comfort and peace and protection and I felt it. I could feel God's angels watching over us. He is so eager to bless us, but we must first ask in faith. We then stopped by this wonderful elderly lady's home and she made us hot chocolate and said, "If I could tell myself something many years ago I would say don't be afraid to ask the questions. If you want to know something you gotta ask." Wise words. Just thought I'd share:) It was then around 8:30 pm and my companion said, "Well we still got some time. I'm sure there's one more person we can teach tonight." And we went out and found a wonderful couple to talk with about the church. Follow the Spirit's promptings - He will guide you where you need to go. Saturday started off wonderful, but things kept occurring that made me feel more and more down and hopeless. Whenever we have negative and upsetting feelings those are not from Christ. Satan is the author of confusion. Christ is the author of peace. I felt so discouraged and sad and my anxiety was increasing and I turned to the Lord for peace and enlightenment. When life gets too hard to stand, kneel. I prayed with every fiber in my being to be able to continue to move forward with a steadfastness in Christ and hope abiding within me. The adversary wants us to feel low and inadequate, but we do not need to let him make us feel that way. We are children of an Almighty God who loves us unconditionally and will send His angels round about us to bear us up. I asked my zone leaders for a priesthood blessing and all that negative energy and those dark thoughts vanished and God's love replaced it all. That afternoon Sister Jacobson and I attended a baptism and spoke about The Restoration. Joseph Smith really did restore this gospel through God's power. What He has done for mankind is unbelievably powerful and commendable. Sunday Sister Jacobson and I sang in sacrament. For those of you that know me, you know I have stage fright soooo that took some courage and faith. We sang, "I Know That My Redeemer Lives." What a beautiful song. What comfort that sweet sentence gives. Christ is real. He died for each and every one of us. He is our brother and loves us with an unconditional and everlasting love. Last night I woke up super sick and so today I'm trying to recover. Say a little prayer for me, please, so that I can go out and do the Lord's work diligently this night and this week. I bear witness as a representative of the blessed Jesus Christ that we are His brothers and sisters and he cares for us more than we could ever comprehend. I testify that through this Gospel families can be together forever and that death is not the end. The Book of Mormon is true. This Gospel is true. Read and pray and the Holy Ghost will testify to you that this is Christ's church back on the Earth. God loves you. You are His child and he watches over you always. I love you. Remember your worth. Love, Sister Mork

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